Fine study of the Shuttleworth collection Hawker Hind with kind permission Darren Harbar Welcome to Over the following pages we will outline what was involved in one of the biggest aircraft recoveries to the UK in decades.Hind Trainer We will look at the history of the Hawker biplane series and will also try to outline what is involved in restoring one of Sir Sydney Camms' finest designs. 

On the 24th December 2007 two 40ft shipping containers arrived in Sussex, tucked inside were the dismantled remains of 15 Hawker Hinds. PrevHind Traineriously it had been thought that only four of Sir Sidney Camms' last biplanes, the Hind, existed all having been recovered from Afghanistan in the late sixties and early seventies.

Over the coming months and years we will outline progress on our own project as we overcome the challenges of restoring what will become the first Hawker dual-control trainer to take to the skies in over 60 years. We will show what is available off the shelf and who does what and how.

FuryFor the first time in 60 years we will give collectors the opportunity to purchase one of the fastest, most beautiful and best handling biplanes ever designed. Five projects are now available complete with their original identities.

Fury Hawker Hind in service Hind Trainer Hind Kabul tank yard Hind Kabul tank yard Loader camp suiter MiG 19 Omar Museum



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